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User privacy is our main concerned priority in www.davincicreative.com and Da Vinci Arts & Craft Creative Development Centre is strongly committed to all of our user's privacy and security information. A privacy policy is crucial to protect information for our users while using our website services and features. Please read through the entire privacy policy of this website carefully.

Information that is collected with user's permission will be used to understand the user better and thus provide better features for the user or improve upon the website. For example, the I.P. address (Internet Protocol) of an user is obtained to track user's demographics and connection information to better understand problems and statistics of user browsing on the website.

Information obtained is to identify and provide better user preferences within the website based on the information given.

Users are prohibited to engage in unlawful posting and transmission of any obscene, slanderous, harmful and/or other negative information and material which may violate any laws and regulations. Da Vinci Arts & Crafts Creative Development Centre reserves the right to disclose our users' personal information to the relevant authorities for investigation purposes.

Users will be notified through email of any updates on this privacy policy statement. Da Vinci Arts & Crafts Creative Development Centre amends this policy for the entire website at www.davincicreative.com.

It is important for all of our users to understand the entire privacy statement fully. If there are any doubts or questions, please feel free to contact us. Our contact details are available at the Contact Us section.

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