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Da Vinci is a member of The One Group, and the only children's arts & crafts school founded by The One Academy, one of Asia's most respected institutions in creative education. With over 22 years' experience in developing successful young adults in the tertiary level, The One Academy now lends its immense resources towards helping children to develop a strong platform to all-round life success.

Established by a panel of international creative educationalists, Da Vinci has drawn up comprehensive programmes that go beyond the mastery of art, setting new standards for children creative enrichment centres in the region.

Today's successful personalities in the competitive world of business and employment all possess a common trait: an exceptional creative mind. To prepare our children for the global knowledge-driven economy in years to come, the approach here is to build the foundation of life success among children.

No matter which field of specialty your child eventually goes into, there must be a starting point: a firm platform of growth that unlocks the door to all future achievements. The key is Da Vinci programmes that stimulate flourishing of the mind at a young age: high self-esteem, effective learning approach, problem-solving skills and creative agility. Truly, this is a place where innovative leaders of tomorrow are nurtured.
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